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As part of our sponsorship with ChiroSushi, we are pleased to offer you one free month of Zingit! In just a few minutes, we can show you how to:

  • Have real-time 2-way text conversations with your patients
  • Convert more new patients with instant conversations, pictures, videos & content!
  • Attract more patients with social reviews through text (Google, Facebook, Yelp)
  • Use the best, approved texting technology for business to consumer texting
  • Generate More Practice Revenue!

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“We’ve been using their program for more that 4 years. Zingit makes our practice more efficient at the front desk by making it easy to have a conversation with patients...We can’t live without it! We love it!”
The Apple Medical Team
Real Time 2-Way Conversations
Our true two way text conversations allow your front desk staff to communicate back and forth with the patient from the front desk computer.
Automated Appointment Reminders
Let your staff stop spending hours every week calling patients to remind them of their appointment. Let Zingit do it for you!
Reschedule Missed Appointments
We know emergencies happen and so do reschedules. No more phone tag, reschedule patients in real-time!
Mobile Birthday Club
Make it personal, make it fun! Your patients will love getting an annual birthday message or video from you!
Recall Dormant Patients
Reach out to patients who have not been in to let them know you are concerned about them and watch them come back!
Online 5-Star Reviews
Take control of your reputation management by encouraging patients to review your practice, right from their mobile phone!